Definition Coaching

Professional coaching offers help for sustainable self-help. The coachee (i.e. the person who takes advantage of the coaching) learns how to solve and manage problems and conflicts on his or her own. He determines the goal of the coaching, and the criteria for achieving the goal are set jointly by the coach and the coachee. During the coaching process, for which the coach is responsible, the coachee gains new insights, translates these into alternative actions and learns to assess the effects of his actions in his environment.
*Source: DVCT www.dvct.de

My coaching focus

  • Strengthening of self-perception and perception by others in the leadership role
  • Self-positioning / -marketing within teams, companies and organizations.
  • Positive, constructive thinking and communication at work.
  • Solution-oriented process management
  • Increasing motivation through change of perspective and prioritization
  • Career and career coaching
  • Dealing with grief and loss